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Hsiao-Bei Chen
NYS Agency Clearance Officer

Hsiao-Bei acts as a liaison between the current and past title companies seeking a proactive approach in clearing title. She assesses the company's risks and liability based on the current title report and documentations from the prior title company.

Hsiao-Bei began as a receptionist at Fidelity several years ago. A few months later, she transferred to the clearance department where she concurrently aided numerous other departments including remittance, stationery, escrow, policy and accounts receivable. During this time she also trained three law school interns.

In 2010, Hsiao-Bei was selected to head the Business Continuity Plan for the Westbury, New York office. In 2011, she assisted in the management of the ResWare for the New York Agency department. Properties in foreclosures with potential title claims are submitted by various law firms nationwide and are filtered through this system. In 2011, Hsiao-Bei was designated the sole clearance officer in the agency department for all FNTG brands, excluding Lawyers Title.

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